“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

I also aspire to provide a unique value based on my knowledge and experience
to a varied selection of clients. I am grateful for all the kind words and acknowledgements.
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"Eric's CTW Articles provide outstanding and insightful information. Organizations who understand and use this will out perform their competition."
Ben Thorp, Richmond, VA
Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC)

"PPHC hired Dr. S. Eric Christensen of Change that Works to assist the Leadership Team at one of our facilities in improving engagement effectiveness. His deep understanding of complex change processes resulted in the implementation of executable strategies in support of our company’s goals."

O’neil (Desmond) Griffiths
Senior Executive - CEO|COO|President|General Manager/Board Member
"Dr. Christensen has a visceral knowledge of how to create value not just teams by evaluating talent based on what is necessary for success in manufacturing environments.
Joseph Faraca
Chief Financial Officer – Precision Partners Holding Company
Subsidiary of AK Steel Corporation

I have worked with Dr. Eric Christensen for over 25 years as an internal client, a student, a mentee and a colleague as he has served in various corporate roles and as the owner of Change that Works. He has provided me with invaluable counsel on the deep realities of change and how to sustain it in my manufacturing roles as training manager, continuous improvement manager, operations superintendent, plant manager and owner of a consulting/coaching practice.

Dr. Christensen’s deep experience comes from a career spent working with all levels of manufacturing organizations to create sustainable change that delivered value to the bottom line. He has lived the realities of the change process and produced real results, giving him the rare ability to help others do the same. He knows the secret to making sustainable change happen.

Rachel Moore
Owner, Moore Productive

Dr. Christensen is an extremely diverse, “out of the box” thoughtful strategist and project leader for complex/sensitive organizational change projects.

I have had the pleasure to work with Eric on two different endeavors. The first time over thirty years ago and the second and most recent two years ago. Both of my experiences working with Eric have been life changing due to the value created through self directed work teams and the knowledge and experience I gained through the power of Trust and discretionary employee effort. His coaching techniques are based on real world activities dealing with real employee emotions and actions.

Eric demonstrates unique academic and personal skills in his approach and methodology to change management and transformational leadership. Through experience, he encourages you to follow the process which leads to identified end game results. As I look back on each experience, it didn’t seem like work but more of a journey to achieve something that benefited everyone involved (company, mill, leaders, and employees). We were able to convince, convict, and convert everyone of a common vision / goal to a better business environment and personal incentives. Built into this approach was sustainability through investing in strong and effective employee training programs.
Both of my experiences were very successful, and to this day I do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call Eric for advice or to share thoughts on Change Management. He is a true visionary and practitioner on the subject of transformation and change management.
P. Quincey Ross
Plant Manager
We found Eric to be highly skilled at analyzing and developing executable plans for our business from several perspectives: 1) tactical, 2) operational, and 3) identifying strategic levels of complex issues and business opportunities.

Eric demonstrated an unexpected ability of grasping and dealing with the hard issues regarding talent that helped drive major change initiatives in our organization.

Change that Works provided our firm with an ingenious, practical, tactical approach to establishing team-based achievement and ownership, a key ingredient in establishing a 100% high-performance culture for PPHC.

CTW improved our Performance Management and Employee Development processes by obtaining leadership evaluations from our team that were hard-to-hear but that were also critical to our improvement.