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Do you need assistance in cultural change initiatives?

Change That Works provides results-driven organizational effectiveness interventions. Heraclitus states, “The only thing that is constant is change”. CTW believes in a second constant: creating successful change is incredibly difficult. The research is clear – most change efforts fail! We excel at partnering with clients in creating situationally viable designs. Effective real world interventions are what we do best.

Capital projects, improvement projects, work redesigns or reorganizations are all inherently cultural change initiatives. Getting a group of people to do something in a different way, in concert with different people, often across siloed boundaries, with different equipment, in a different sequence for different/better results requires massive cultural change.

​We know how to make such initiatives work. Our capabilities include leadership coaching and preparation, selection process design, new member orientation workshops, survival plans for dealing with the chaos of change, techniques for creating Ownership Based work systems, and how and when to encourage salaried leaders to “let go” of over managing their team. CTW prides itself on the ability to build solutions that work.

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Change That Works.Solutions has 35 years experience working on organizational change initiatives, ranging from pilot approaches to full site transformations.


Our company logo is a Sextant. Why? Because if you cannot figure out where you are then you will never have a chance of getting to where you want to go! This instrument was invented in the 1700s and yet is a perfect metaphor for the problems with change initiatives today.


Every organization attempts to make change work. The failure rate; however, is staggeringly high. We can help. This often means realistically analyzing where you are actually starting from. Sounds simple, but if you are contacting CTW, then you also know it is not.

The Real Metric of Success

The real metric of successful change, in an absolute sense, is in The Three Leader Litmus Test©. 

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